Infant (6 weeks-2 years)

$230/week up to 45 hours

Toddler (2-3 years)

$230/week up to 45 hours

Preschool (3-5 years)

$210/week up to 45 hours

Preschool Program, 8:00-12:00 (3-5 years)

$25/day or $125/week

2018-19 Full-Time Public Preschool Funding

$47/week credit, based on hourly rate

2018-19 Part-Time Public Preschool Funding

$63/week credit, based on hourly rate

Additional Hours may be purchased


Drop-in care (must pre-register)

$10/hour, based on availability

The enrollment/tuition agreement will state initial contracted times and weekly fees due upon enrollment. You will not receive invoices unless requested; to figure out how much your weekly amount is please refer to your tuition agreement or ask the assistant director. Your first week's payment is expected to be made before the first day your child is scheduled to attend, and when paid, your child‘s spot is reserved regardless of attendance. The following weekly payments should be made the first day of each week (if your child doesn't come on Monday, payment should be made on Tuesday etc.). If payment is not received by Wednesday afternoon your child will not be allowed to attend until payment is made. There are no exceptions. If payment is not made by Friday your child's spot will be filled and outstanding balances in excess of 15 days may be sent to Credit Association Financial Services LTD for collection. Monthly payments can be arranged, but payment is expected within the first week of the month and follows the above outlined time frame. Checks should be made out to WECEC (Windsor Early Childhood Education Center), with the week’s date written in the memo line and deposited in the Sentry Safe Box at the sign in table. There is a $10 returned check fee and after returning 1 check you must pay with cash or a money order for the remainder of your time at the Center. For cash payments, please allow time for a receipt to be made; this is a requirement for accepting cash. Please note that a 2-week advance notice of termination must be given to the director and paid in full, even if you do not plan for your child to attend for the remainder of the two-week period.

Tuition Assistance through the Springfield Parent Child Center is also available to eligible families.

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