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*For more information, please refer to the WECEC parent handbook, or contact WECEC.


Greetings, Children & Parents
Wash Hands
Parent Check In - Night's Sleep, Illness, Concerns
Prepared Play - Learning Centers


Preschoolers Arrive


Circle Time
Sign In, Jobs, Pledge of Alligiance
Calendar, Weather
Movement or Music
Charts or Fingerplays


Bathroom, Wash, Snacks


Outside Time


Math, Literacy, Science, or Art


Free Choice (inside / outside)


Preschoolers Dismissed
Bathroom, Wash, and Lunch


Bathroom , Wash, and Brush Teeth


Rest Time


Centers (Early Risers)


Free Choice


Outside Time


Backthroom, Wash, and Snacks


Outside Activities
Playground / Walk


Gross Motor / Movement Activities


Bathroom and Water Break


Group Game Time
Free Choice
Outside Time

The main things that we hope our preschoolers have when they leave the program for kindergarten are: Social skills (i.e. how to be a friend, how to cooperate with adults and children, manners, and respect for each other and themselves and self-help skills/independence), Pre-academic skills (i.e. - knowledge of some letters/sounds by sight, concept of numbers, counting, 1:1 correspondence, colors, shapes, patterning and rhyming, some concept of time and how to write their own names), Large and fine motor skills will also be monitored, and we hope that the imagination will be well developed also. As mentioned above these things are achieved through some direct instruction and mostly the environment. “Play” is a big part of the preschool day and is where children develop the above mentioned skills.

1. Extra change of clothing - appropriate to the season
2. Toothbrush and tooth paste
3. Bedding (sheet, blanket, pillow and security item
4. Slippers and sneakers (for outside play)- seasonal
5. Appropriate clothes for outside weather conditions
6. Food and drink enough for 2 snacks and lunch
7. Any other information you feel is applicable
8. Sunscreen applied at home daily beginning in Spring and in Stick/Solid form to be applied at Center

Please note that to be in the preschool class, your child must be fully potty trained and in underwear. A note about toileting: **Soiled pants and underwear - Vermont state regulations state that diapers be wrapped and thown away and staff is to “remove child's clothing, put soiled clothing without rinsing in a plastic bag to give to parent.” - This is the procedure that we must follow.

* For more information, please refer to the WECEC parent handbook, or contact WECEC.

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