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*For more information, please refer to the WECEC parent handbook, or contact WECEC.


Morning Arrival
Greetings, Children & Parents
Wash Hands
Parent Check In - Night's Sleep, Illness, Concerns


Prepared Play - Free Play, Project Time


Prepare for Morning Walk (weather permitting)


Wash - Breakfast, Song, Rhyme, Letter Sounds


Writing / Language Development - Free Play
Morning Message
Story Time - Big Book
Music / Dance
Prepare for Outside Play (weather permitting)
Outside Play


Creative Expression - Numeracy - Shape
Preschool Room - Sensory Table - Organized Play


Free Play - Infant Diapering - Wash


Infant Lunch


Naptime Routine


Diaper Change
Prepared Play


Wash - Snack - Drink


Prepare for Outside Play (weather permitting)
Playground play / Walk (weather permitting)


Inside - Wash - Diaper Change
Organized Play, exploration and conversation
Classroom Visits

An infant in a new place and with a person other than their parent and with other children all around, may be a bit overwhelmed at first. The goal of our infant program is to make your child’s day as consistent with home as possible. Secure relationships with primary caregivers are most important. It is our belief that the bonds that are formed with adults will allow the infant to explore the environment, form friendships and to progress in all domains of development.

The center allows for lots of safe interaction among infants, toddlers and preschoolers which is beneficial to every age group. You will be surprised at the preschooler's reactions to the infants and the relationships that they form and vice versa. The older age groups are great models and encouragement to the younger age groups and the younger age groups teach the older age group to be respectful of all developmental levels. There are opportunities for “infant time” throughout the day as well. There are walks, outside time, time to be with just the infants and time during feedings and diaper changes for one-on-one interaction with adults.

Some practices that we do our best to follow are: diaper changes every two hours, pacifiers only at nap times, feedings and naps consistent with home schedule, daily communication sheets and both verbal and visual contact.

As the infant progresses we do our best to shift his/her routine to be in line with the toddler schedule.

1. Diapers, wipes, creams, ointments, powders and lotions
2. 2-3 extra changes of clothing - appropriate to the season
3. Teethers and teething tabs (if applicable), feeding spoon, bib
4. Toothbrush and tooth paste (if applicable)
5. Bedding (fitted crib sheet, blanket and security item)
6. Slippers
7. Appropriate clothes for outside weather conditions
8. Food and drink enough for 3 snacks and lunch (and bottles if applicable)
9. Swim diapers in summer months
10. Sunscreen applied at home daily beginning in Spring and in Stick/Solid form to be applied at Center
11. Child's schedule in writing

**soiled pants and underwear - Vermont state regulations state that diapers be wrapped and thrown away and staff is to “remove child's clothing, put soiled clothing without rinsing in a plastic bag to give to parent.” This is the procedure that we must follow.

* For more information, please refer to the WECEC parent handbook, or contact WECEC.

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