Welcome to the Windsor Early Childhood Education Center (WECEC) in the heart of Windsor, Vermont. WECEC was conceived to be an extension of the family by providing a warm, loving, environment in which children can grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually to the fullest of their ability. We will offer a program where children can be themselves: that is spontaneous, eager and willing to learn about the world around them. Children will have the opportunity to be in an engaging, educationally prepared environment that caters to the size and style of learning most appealing to children from six weeks old to five years of age. We will create an atmosphere of ongoing learning that includes exploration, investigation, and thoughtful conversation. Throughout the day we will plan learning experiences in small and large groups, with child and teacher directed activities, developing large and fine motor skills while allowing for personal quiet and whole group buzz. We will nurture respect and caring for self, others and the environment and encourage and establish a positive and productive relationship with families.

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